Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Spotlight

I hope you aren't sick of treats by now with all the Halloween candy floating around because today I have two sweet girls to introduce to you! If you are a frequent visitor, I am sure you have noticed these two ladies on my side bar over the last couple months. I am so happy to have them here today to tell you a little about themselves and I hope you will stop by their blogs and show them a little love!


"My name is Chelsea and...I am a 21 year old proud Vancouverite currently on an adventure living in Auckland, New Zealand with my cute Kiwi boyfriend. My favorite things in life are my family, edamame, kayaking, Hello Kitty and graphic design. I am a customer support representative by day for a skin cancer screening company and a blog designer by night. One day, I'd love for my night-time job to be my day-time job. On my blog you will find everything from fashion and style, graphic design, my ramblings about nothing important and lots of bad jokes {ha!}. I love getting to know people and obviously would love to meet you-- so please come stop by my blog and say hello!"


"I'm Whitney and I blog over at Sippy Cups and Pearls! I created my blog a little over 3 months ago to simply record all of the "Sippy Cup" and "Pearl" moments in life. I've always been amazed at how fast life tends to pass by, but after getting married and having a little girl I realized that life was only speeding up and unless I journal the memories now, I'll never do it!
I've been married to my sweet hubby, Josh, for 3.5 years! We're in the process of becoming first time home-owners by building our home outside of the "city."
A little over a year ago, we had our first baby...a sweet little girl that we named Melody Truth. She has brought so much joy to our life and we really can't wait to grow our family and give sweet Mel some little brothers and sisters! I enjoy blogging about the adventures of staying home, attempting to cook, our home building process, and of course the hubs and daughter!"

Whitney's favorite blog post- Pro's & Con's of Being a SAHM

Happy Saturday friends! Have any exciting plans for the weekend?


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